The Gehrlicher Mega Photovoltaic Plant Grows To 300 MW

The CEO of Gehrlicher Solar Spain, Guillermo Barea, confirmed yesterday that the Renewable Energy solar plant that your company promotes Talaván (Cáceres) will have 300 MW of nominal power: “shortly after we announced the project in late March, Red Electrica of Spain confirmed to us that instead of 250 MW [the power that was originally announced Gehrlicher], there was possibility of evacuating 300 nominal, and, yes, we have decided to make it a 300 MW plant.” [Photo: file].

Which may become the first photovoltaic plant without premium in the history of the Spanish solar energy continues to grow. The first steps are given: the count a few weeks ago, when the German multinational Gehrlicher Solar announced its multi-megawatt project in the city of Merida. There, the CEO of the Spanish division of Gehrlicher, Barea Guillermo confirmed that his company has already acquired the land on which the plant will be installed (in Talaván, Cáceres), already has the connection point (400 kV) and already has the technical feasibility report of Red Electrica de Spain (REE). But is that also in Merida, in the very seat of government of Extremadura, Barea has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Prime Minister of the region, José Manuel Monagas, an agreement that commits the executive Extremadura streamlines the administrative process of installation.

The announcement of the agreement, at Government House ceremony presided over by the very Monago, attracted the attention of the media and could end up becoming the primal landmark which boasts a long history of the first solar photovoltaic no premium in Spain. For now, the collaboration agreement signed between the government forces and the Extremadura-called by Monago “Protocol Assessment in the Administrative Processing” – has resulted, says Barea-in “two meetings with the Director of Industry of the region .. . Two meetings have actually served to start … to build the pipeline, it is that this is something absolutely new “(Central Talaván is the first without a premium and there are many questions and doubts about its caracteríticas regime). The fact is that the Extremadura government has committed in writing Gerhlicher to find answers and is engaged in these technical teams of both sides.

Barea, however, is optimistic to the point that he sees the connection of the first phase of the plant (and the profitability of photovoltaic in Spain without premium) a horizon very, very specific: 2014. “I have a year and a half to work, we have begun to work very hard with the government of Extremadura, we sat and twice with the director of Industry, confirmed there is interest and we are now sitting down with everyone, with banks with investors, with large utilities … we have called, even utilities in other countries, also know I can still optimize costs because many costs can be optimized in a PV system … in short, I know that in a year and a half, with the possibilities that are giving this project with the people there are interested in this, people from Spain and abroad … because people know that in a year or year and a half, it will be absolutely feasible”.

It is in any case to resolve the big question of the equation: financing. They are good vibrations, as Barea, “but still I can not give names.” The CEO of Gehrlicher Solar Spain, however, seems to hold even the slightest doubt “look, and we imagined that there would be an avalanche … the whole industrial world was coming to offer, as is software, services and components, but what surprised us most is that we have called all banks, banks that want to participate in this process, and we have called investors … investors German, Spanish … and a thing I can tell you … what do we have realized is that there are plenty of possibilities: PPA [Power Purchase Agreement (purchase-sale of energy)], pool, an institutional investor, an electric .. . Look, again, we sat down with everyone and there will come a time when we choose what structure and which way to go.