Green energy from a solar tree

The city has a new landscape element located in open areas that promote energy efficiency: five photovoltaic systems as a tree of 5 kw each, and with peak power (maximum electrical power that can generate a photovoltaic element in standard conditions of temperature, radiation and air mass) of 5.52 kw. Discharged to the grid a total of 38,790 kWh per year of power (7758 kw / h per structure) from autumn, equivalent to nearly three household consumption, flow will partially offset the expenditure on electricity bills of the City Seville.

These solar trees are integrated into the surrounding city from a metal structure about 12 meters designed as three tree trunks that end in cups shaped like four-leaf clover where you put the solar collectors to generate green energy. They are designed by the company and installed by War Istem Engineers, awarded the work. Can be seen in the Avenues of Cyprus (The Bermejales) Sport (Sevilla East) and Kansas City (compared to the polygon Calonge), the rotunda of the Palace of Congresses and the Parque de San Jerónimo. The project budget has been of 392,528.53 euros, which will be amortized over 30 years.

The green energy initiative, sponsored by the City through the Delegation for Innovation, is to have facilities for clean electricity production, as was done earlier in the garages of Tussam by the 54 “solar sails” with an electric power of 1,800 kW injected into the network that 2.72 million kWh per year, equivalent to the needs of 1,000 households.

Photovoltaic energy obtained from solar trees will be sent to the grid, managed by Endesa, for consumption by citizens. The Consistory will get from the sale of electricity in an economic benefit amounting to 13,185 euros per year (2,637 euros / year per tree). But how important are the emissions of CO2 to be avoided: 6.10 tons / year per tree, representing a 30.5 among all, and equivalent to 14 cars.

The solar trees continue the trend of the Local Energy Agency initiated similar projects developed by the City of Seville “in which the design and visualization for the general population of these play an important role. In this sense it emphasizes the tree structure of Camino de la Reina, of a similar but heavier and less dynamic “as indicated by Cristina Vega, director of the Agency.

The project is part of Plan 5000, State Fund for Employment and Local Sustainability, administered by the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Administration, and has created 33 new jobs.

Green energy from a solar tree