Xcel Energy First Power Plant That Combines Coal And Solar Energy

This hybrid system significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions

Under the Clean Innovative Technology (ICT) Program, firms Xcel Energy and Abengoa Solar have developed an innovative power plant that uses a hybrid source for their production, consisting of coal and solar energy. According to project managers, this test plant represents a percentage of solar energy used and decrease the level of emissions that make it unique in its kind.

The plant in Colorado (United States) could give new impetus to the generation hybrid coal-solar power.

Companies Xcel Energy and Abengoa Solar have developed a test power plant in Colorado, United States, which could change the working methods used in generating electricity from coal. The plant employs a hybrid that combines carbon source and solar energy, achieving interesting indicators for effectiveness and reduced CO2 emissions.

Coal-fired power plants are widely resisted by various sectors of the strong environmental impact they produce. However, a new generation hybrid technology that integrates the benefits of solar energy could be a major change for this type of plant.

The Cameo Generating Station, near Palisade, Colorado, USA, is a pilot plant that is part of the Colorado Solar Integrated Project, combining coal and solar energy to produce electricity. The demonstration project was built by the company Xcel Energy, as part of its Innovative Clean Technology (ICT) Program. He also collaborated on the project the company Abengoa Solar.

The plant is designed to reduce coal use while increasing plant efficiency and achieving lower emissions of carbon dioxide. The purpose is to test the commercial viability of combining the two technologies.

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