Phrases of the Environment and Global Warming

Here are some phrases of the environment related to climate change and global warming reminding us of what this major environmental problem and some tips to take action in caring for the ecology and biodiversity.

Global warming is changing the planet’s nuclear temperature
The scientists concluded that global warming will be forever.
Those who plant a tree love others besides him.
If it’s yellow let it stand, coffee if you pull it (referring to the discharge of water in the toilet or “pull” to the bathroom).
All trash you throw into the environment is like filling your own home waste.
Of nature just have to take pictures and all you have to leave are footprints.
If you look after the planet, the planet takes care of you.
Let’s not lose, planets like ours are hard to find, the proof is that so far is the only one there.
We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.
By exploiting this, we are reducing our future.
Think twice before buying something you will not use.
The human being must be a builder, not destructive.
And the classic but always certain “Drop by drop the water is exhausted”.

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