Incredible Green Home Design

Located in Seattle, the House backyard, takes its name from the place where found, the backyard of an existing single-family home. The objective of the project, building a green home economist with a sustainable long-term operational efficiency, sustainable materials and the creation of spaces with natural light that would integrate with the site and sight.

The house incorporates materials and methods affordable and sustainable. The very structure positioning and framing used to reduce wood use by 30% in combination with insulation to achieve a thermally efficient home.

Additional solutions include a design that provides a passive cooling and ventilation through the chimney effect. In combination with radiant floors and a heat recovery system, the house has a heating and cooling system friendly to the environment thanks to its high efficiency.

The paintings are free of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), toilets are dual flush and Energy Star appliances are certified to minimize water consumption and energy use.

This green home design is something that can imitate because their cost is not as high as other housing is sustainable and environmentally friendly.