How To Make Homemade Compost

Start a compost heap at home helps reduce up to 50% of waste generation, and if we add to this recycling can be reduced by 90% till the waste generated at home, principally confined to the waste generated in the bathroom.

The first thing you should do to make compost is to separate garbage into organic waste, which are used to make compost, and inorganic, of which most can be recycled.

Garbage to put in the compost: all organic waste generated in the kitchen as fruit and vegetables, egg shells, leftover food. Just as all the garbage that is generated in the garden, leaves, flowers etc.

Garbage you DO NOT put in the compost: toilet paper, sanitary napkins, medical waste, cigarette filters, excess paper (notebook paper), fats, dairy products in large quantities and anything else that can be recycled as glass and plastic.

How to build your home compost?

1.0 Arming your compost container

2.0 Fit to the bottom 10 cm of dry leaves or grass.

3.0 Lodgment organic matter in the compost, each approximately 5 cm layer of organic waste must cover it with dry leaves or step.

4.0 After 6-8 weeks you can start taking the land that has generated by the compost by the bottom of compost.

How do I know if I land here?

It has a smell of damp earth, the earth is almost black color, has a porous consistency is slightly moist. If the bottom land with such characteristics, your compost is ready.