Obama Promotes Clean Energy In Nevada

West on a trip devoted mainly to the policy of raising money, President Barack Obama is favorite to highlight two issues: clean energy and economic stimulus plan.

The president plans to visit the “photovoltaic” at Nellis Air Force Base, near Las Vegas on Wednesday. The solar cells provide a quarter of the basis of the needs of power, White House officials said.

Obama also cited the progress of its $ 787 billion stimulus package that Congress approved three months ago. The money is paying thousands of projects in construction and other fields across the country.

He said more than $ 467 billion in stimulus money will be used “to expand and accelerate development, deployment and use of geothermal energy and solar energy in the United States.”

Obama was at noon fundraising event between two policies: one on Tuesday night in Las Vegas for Leader Senate Majority Harry Reid, D-Nev., And one for Wednesday night in Los Angeles byDemocratic National Committee.

Obama said management officials about 400 people at Nellis, including Air Force personnel, civilian workers and families living on the base.

The basis of the $ 100 million public-private solar power system covers 140 acres and generates over 14 megawatts of electricity.

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