History Of The Solar Car

The history of solar cars dating from 1982, when a visionary Australian adventurer, of Danish origin, Hans Tholstrup, and race car driver Larry Perkins, built and managed the first solar car, the “BP Quiet Achiever” from Perth to Sydney . Cross Australia from west to east for a total of 4058 km took 20 days with an average speed of 23 km / h.

The purpose of this first car, was to show the world basically three things that solar energy was a major source and sufficiently developed to replace fossil fuels, land transport is non-polluting alternatives such as electric vehicle, create interest in the scientific world by the development of both.

The first fruit of this purpose was in 1985 when Swiss Urs Muntwyler created the first global competition of solar cars the Tour de Sol “, same that created great excitement and attracted the eyes of the world. Since then this race is held annually in Europe.

Although the history of the electric car is older than the boom is evident that took the idea of the electric vehicle from this type of competition is definitely an interest yet grasped the scientific world, focusing on developing electric vehicles.

General Motors, having won the World Solar Challenge in 1987 with his extraordinary solar car, the “Sunraycer”, decided to design and build commercial view, one of the most promising electric cars, the “EV1″. This car is capable of speeds of 160 km / h and has a range of 190 km at a speed of 90 km / h.

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