Solar Panels Everywhere

As energy prices increase the world is seeking out new ways of bring electricity to the public. And solar power is a big contributor to these new ideas.

Solar power has taken off in the ideas worldwide to utilize the sun as much as possible. From children’s playgrounds, to trees, and even to lily pads, the idea to get solar panels just about everywhere is exploding.

Children’s Playground

In Australia, a concept for solar trees on school playgrounds is being considered. These giant shades look similar to patio umbrellas, but with solar panels on top and a multi-level purpose. The structures spin, so they can be adjusted to get the sun at any angle. They also serve as shade for the children to play under. And the solar panels power the school.

The company who has come up with the new concept is called VEIL solar-shades. And they hope to make this idea a reality very soon at local schools in Australia.

Solar Parking Lots

Solar parking lot covers is another idea invented by a company called Envision Solar Grove. They have actually trademarked the term “Solar Trees” with this idea. The company is based in San Diego, California, and they are ready to take parking lots by storm with their solar panels.

These “trees” actually shade several cars as it soaks up the sunshine. And similar to the playground invention, these models can also move to be directed at the strongest sunrays for maximum absorption.

These solar panels serve a few other nifty purposes as well. They can direct rain runoff into specific places. They can be washed off easily. They also shed light underneath for car owners to see at night.

This company is ready to see its idea put into parking lots soon. And they estimate the panels will pay for themselves within five years of being installed.

Solar Lily Pads

In Scotland, the city of Glasgow is looking into installing the first place winner of the International Design Awards competition. Peter Richardson’s invention, solar panels that float like lily pads, could potentially be piloted by the Glasgow Science Center soon.

Other Possibilities

Other possible solar uses are out there. Apple’s iPod is looking into a solar charger. Cell phones are another target for solar power. Even blimps are being looked into for getting solar energy. So with all of these possibilities and ideas, solar power is finally in our future on a larger scale than we have it now.