Solar Panels For Cold Weather

Contrary to popular belief, you don´t need to live in a hot climate place to have the benefits of clean energy like solar energy. In fact, solar panels convert sunlight into electricity more efficiently in cold temperatures.

This is because the colder the material, the better it conducts electricity. Therefore, the solar panels produce less electricity in hot weather than in cold weather to have the same sunlight available.

It is true that cold climates tend to have less sunlight than hot climates, but this loss of sunlight is compensated with the solar panel will be more efficient.

A good example of this principle in action is the photovoltaic solar plant in Colorado. It is home to one of the solar photovoltaic power plants bigger U.S.

As you can see in the picture below, the place is far from being warm and with lots of sunlight, but the plant is capable of producing 8.2 megawatts of clean energy, enough to supply electricity to 1,500 homes for one year.

Colorado is not the only place where they are using solar energy. Countries like Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia make extensive use of solar energy. In fact, in Copenhagen there are only all solar-powered parking meters.

So if you had any doubt by installing solar panels in a cold area, think no more, they will surely serve you well.

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