Prototype Of Ecological House In Mexico

This project was made by the Organi-K organization, in which they constructed a house in the Main Square of Mexico City.

The objective of the project is to demonstrate to the different echo-technologies and materials to take care of the environment, like solar paddles, heating water lots, filters, products of biodegradable cleaning, compost, WC droughts, urban orchards and ecological kitchens

According to the director of the organization Arnold Ricalde the construction cost of this ecological house prototype was of 120.000 pesos, around 11.000 dollars, this is the reason why this is a very good alternative for people who are thinking about constructing their house.

Something important to point at, is that these eco-technologies are not only available for new houses, and as we have seen before it is possible to incorporate them for conventional houses, as in the case of panels and solar stoves.