Mexico City Supports Viable Houses

The Government of Mexico City bets to the construction of social and viable houses in the City, and in order to do so, they analyze if it is possible to grant a series of incentives for the industrialists who will built it.

These stimuli go from administrative and fiscal incentives to allowing the construction of more squared meters, as well as increase in the number of houses for the real estate ones that incorporate technologies that allow the saving of resources.

All these incentives and their rules will be based in the Norm of Viable House, that the Secretariat of Urban Development and House, (SEDUVI) tries to finish in six weeks, at least, to send it to the Legislative Assembly, where it will be discussed.

The holder of SEDUVI, Arturo Aispuro, indicated that there will be three packages of incentives: for who makes house viable, to that incorporates viability technology, and that develops to spaces public next to its constructions.

“The third incentive will be for those who incorporate to his projects the creation of spaces public or houses; and all this will allow it to be better constructed without increasing the cost of the social house”, explained the Secretary.

During the Second Latin American Forum of House, the director of Urban Development of the SEDUVI, Felipe de Jesus González, presented this Wednesday the project of norm and its incentives.

In his presentation he indicated that the viability principles by which incentives will occur to the new developments will be: the water saving and energy, the one that destines clear areas, that it is constructed in mixed ground uses and parking is generated.

“From the incorporation of all these element, there will be a series of prizes to allow balance in the investment, generating urbanity for the surroundings”, he said.

In the Latin American Forum, the director of INFONAVIT, Victor Manuel Borrás, indicated that along with the GDF already he works in a pilot program of ecological house, where he tries himself to grant 15 thousand pesos of credit for each worker.

The Federal civil servant indicated that with the agreement, signed with the GDF, for the credit granting for the inhabitants of the capital, 55 billions of pesos must be available to grant 250 thousand credits for next the five years.

Martha Robles, technical secretary of the National Commission of Housing (CONAVI), indicated that for the next year it is predicted to give financing for 140 thousand houses in the Federal District.