Neighborhood In Mexico Becomes Green

To be within the criminal zone of the Delegation Venustiano Carranza was not impediment for that the colony Ampliación Michoacana to become the first ecological community of the City of Mexico.

It is a plan that includes orchards and gardens in the roofs of particular addresses and schools; the use of the pluvial water and toilets, as well as the installation of solar paddles and containers for the sweepings separation, among others elements.

During the first trimester of the next year, the colony -populated by 5900 thousand inhabitants of the capital- will receive an investment of 20 million pesos to turn its surroundings into the prototype of green colony.

The Delegational Chief from Venustiano Carranza, Julio Cesar Moreno, referred that this colony gained to pulse the millionaire investment.

“This colony is in the middle of the colonies Valle Gomez, Morelos, Janitzio, Penitentiaria and La Merced, where the criminal indices are very high, so it will become a flower in the marsh.

“To reason we choose Apliación Michoacana was their inhabitants, they were those that responded better to the invitation to separate their sweepings and because there are seven schools, to foment a culture of respect to the environment”, the Delegational Chief explained.

The project is completely delegational and it’s driven by Julio Cesar Moreno after it was made a Green Consult and this project is his ecological proposal for the demarcation.

Within the works, 83 conventional lights will be retired to be replaced by public lighting system that will be provided by solar cells.

Also a third of the width of the sidewalks will be diminished to put grass and trees instead, that will be watered with rainwater.

In each school an orchard will be settled, using the 25 percent of the total surface of the patio, that will be watered in an underground way with treated water.

According to the Delegation, with the application of this ecological scheme, 3 million pesos, by the concept of payment of electrical energy bill, will be saved.

Manuel Poza, professor of the Elementary School, Estado de Michoacan, said that there is enthusiasm among the kids. “We know the project we supported and it, at the outset some teachers they thought that to clear a quarter to him to the patio to create an orchard it was much, but finished being convinced” he said.

“Now very we are excited, the students ask more and more about their participation, and I believe that this it is an example that will be reproduced in the mind of thousands of people who live in this contaminated city”, he considered.

Andrea Carrillo, neighbor of the street Plomeros, aked the Delegation for more Information about the project “We need to know how our life is going to change living in a Green Environment”

The territory

The colony where the project is tried to apply has a surface of 143 thousand 575 square meters.

• Has 2 kinder gardens, 4 elementaries and 1 junior high school.
• The 83 lights that offer service in the colony will change.
• The rainwater will be collected so that it serves for the WC at school.
• The ceilings will be waterproofed to seed plants.
• Special toilets will be settled in the schools.

“The walls of the Colony are now full of graffiti, with these green project we will turn them into stand up gardens; it is a project that will be an example for the whole Mexico City” said the Delegational Chief.