Solar Power Conference

The conference in Munich (Germany) will involve the CEOs of major global solar manufacturers, investors and analysts.

Solarplaza, a leading consultancy in the solar energy industry, is pleased to announce the conference “The Solar Future” to be held in Munich (Germany) on May 26. During a single day, the world’s leading minds gather to discuss the future of this fast growing renewable energy at a critical time for the industry. Among the speakers are CEOs and experts such as Bruce Sohn, CEO of First Solar, Dr. Shi, CEO of Suntech Power, Anton Milner, CEO of Q-cells, the renowned analyst Travis Bradford of the Prometheus Institute, Stephen O ‘Rourke, an analyst at Deutsche Bank Securities on Wall Street, and David Rubin, president of the governing board of the Solar Electric Power Association.

Solar energy is on the cusp of a historic turning point, moving towards parity of the network in the coming years. And while there is demand around the world, major industry leaders prepare to enjoy an unprecedented deployment in solar technologies around the world. “Most people believe that solar energy is the future, when prices are reduced and the efficiency of the batteries has improved,” said Edwin Koot, CEO of organizer SolarPlaza. “This is a call to awakening, because the future is closer than you imagine.” Due to the tremendous progress throughout the world, including the development of vehicles with electric power, the implications of the solar industry are greater than ever. From Spain to Italy via California, solar energy is rapidly becoming competitive in the conventional fossil fuel sources, a new phase for the industry called parity network.

In 2008, demand for solar power exploded over 100%. While current economic conditions pose a challenge in the global market, solar energy is postulated as a winner, reaching parity network at a rapid pace. Revenues in the solar industry are expected to reach 50.000 billion U.S. dollars in 2012. “This network of parity is the holy grail of the solar industry and only the beginning of a path of unprecedented growth,” says Koot. “At the same time, the market potential will be unlimited.”