Solar Panels Everywhere

While the price of solar panels rises, the world is looking for new ways to provide electricity to the public. And solar energy is a major contribution to these new ideas.

Solar energy has been deployed in new ideas around the world to use the sun as much as possible. From patios for children, trees, and water lily leaves, the idea of solar panels for everything is exploding.

Playgrounds for children

In Australia, a solar tree is being considered in the playgrounds of the schools. These shadows are like giant umbrellas, but with solar panels on the top and with multi-purpose levels. The structure rotates, to adjust and get sun at all angles. It also serves as shade for the children to play. And the solar panels fuel the school.

The company VEIL has invented a new concept called sun-shades. And expect the idea will become reality very soon in local schools in Australia.

Solar Parking Lots

Solar parking lots covers is another idea invented by a company called Envision Solar Grove. They have placed the term “solar trees” with this idea. The company is based in San Diego, California and is prepared to cover their parking lots with solar panels.

These “trees” are a shadow over several cars to absorb the sun. And like the invention of the patio, they also can move to go directly to the sun for maximum absorption.

These solar panels are used for many other purposes too. Rain can be lead to specific places. They can be easily washed. Also radiate light to car owner to find their cars at night.

This company is ready to implement their idea in parking lots soon. And estimate the cost of the panels will return after five years.

Solar water lily leaf

In Scotland, the city of Glasgow is looking for a place to install the winning design of the first International Design Competition. Peter Richardson’s invention, which is solar panels as floating water lily leaves, could be implemented by the Glasgow Center for Science soon.

Other Possibilities

We can find other solar uses. The Apple iPod is looking for a solar charger. Cell phones are looking for solar energy. Even planes are seeking for solar power. With all these possibilities and ideas, solar energy is finally in our future in a more comprehensive picture of which we have today.