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With the current energy crisis affecting the planet, every time I hear more people talking about nuclear energy as a viable environmentally friendly alternative. And, why not? It turns out that nuclear energy currently supplies 20% of energy in some countries in the world.

But is nuclear power clean? Is it sustainable? How does the solar energy?

Is nuclear energy sustainable?

Nuclear power, which is derived from the fission of uranium, plutonium or thorium, is sustainable because we have thousands of years of uranium reserves. However, we assume that such expectations will decline once their use is beginning to increase. Note that nuclear energy is not renewable.

Is nuclear energy clean?

As for carbon dioxide emissions, nuclear power is quite clean. Not directly emit greenhouse gases. However, the nuclear cell cycle when produced indirectly, but dramatically reduced emissions compared to fossil fuel burning.

How does solar and nuclear energy compare?

Both solar and nuclear energy have their disadvantages and limitations as listed below:

• It would be an easier transition
• It provides much of the electricity
• It does not emit greenhouse gases (directly)
• There are many sources to generate
• It is currently cheaper than solar

• It is a renewable source
• Available to anyone
• You do not have waste
• You can improve efficiency, and therefore costs, with research

And I think the most important difference; solar energy does not have the risks of nuclear energy.



Nuclear Waste has a high legacy cost, leading it to be much more expensive than any study I have ever seen. All the studies I have found, don’t regard the subsidies of 7.1 billion as anything of interest, which is a joke. If 7.1 billion a year was put into Solar we would have enough solar capacity in ten years to make up to 70% of our electricity….
Its time to start talking Solar Thermal Electricity.


Nuclear energy is renewable by means of reproccessing uranium, coming from spent fuel cells, into plutonium which can be reused for more energy. Nuclear waste is not what people make it out to be. I beleive research in reproccessing and storing uranium for further use is more valuable than solar energy. If you put the overall costs of research and production of solar, to make it practical on a worldly level , they would trompel costs in nuclear which already had recent advances such the nuetron fast reactors. Nuclear power has potiental to become the world’s only source of energy with much less money invested. When people talk about a 150*150 miles of solar energy providing the U.S. all of it’s energy they don’t realize this is going to cost hunrdeds trillions of dollars or more. The simple fact is we can not afford it. People need to focus less on the disadvantages, which are few, of nuclear energy and focus more on tearing down coal plants everywhere to paved the way for the future, nuclear.

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