China and Renewable Energy

If there is one country that can cause significant impact in reducing emissions of greenhouse gases is China, since they represent more than one sixth of the total population of the planet.

The chairman of the China Academy of Sciences has presented the three technologies being deployed in his country, solar water heating, wind energy and biogas.

  • 80 million solar water heaters have been installed in Chinese homes.
  • The low cost of implementation of wind power generators has put China in the top 5 countries with installed capacity in the world.
  • Until 2005, 216 thousand million cubic feet of biogas were generated to provide power to more than 14 million people living in the countryside.

One thing that also commented ironically was that although the majority of photovoltaic solar panels are produced in China, they are too expensive for the people of China to install them.

Moreover, the director of the Institute of Energy Research, co-winner of the Nobel Prize, has revealed some startling statistics. By 2030 85% of China’s infrastructure will be built new or rebuilt. It is possible to imagine the incredible amount of energy to be consumed during this massive change. According to their estimates, 18 billion square feet are built each year. This means that the peak of carbon dioxide emissions from China will be around 2030.

Some say it is already too late to offset the climate impact that it would cause, I tell myself it’s never too late. Start planting trees or creating stricter laws on environmental issues for the construction of new buildings can offset that impact greatly.