How Much CO2 is Saved With Solar Energy

First we must make it clear that all the calculations presented below are approximate, but gives us an idea of the CO2 emissions you save by using solar energy or other renewable energy.

The equivalent ton of oil (toe) is the unit of energy most commonly used and which is used to make calculations and comparisons.

1 toe = 11.630 kWh = 41,868,000,000 joules

I.e., the amount of energy contained in a ton of oil is 11,630 kilowatt hours. With this data and other calculations comes to the following data:

1 Natural Gas Toe = 2.1 tons of CO2

1 Carbon Toe = 3.8 tons of CO2

1 Diesel Toe = 2.9 tons of CO2

With these data we can conclude for instance. If we build a solar power plant that produces 40,500 kWh per year, we would save 7.3 tons of carbon dioxide at no longer produce those watts in a carbon plant.

In simple words and numbers

1 kWh produced from natural gas emits 0.18 kg of CO2
1 kWh produced from coal emits 0.33 kg of CO2
1 kWh produced with Diesel emits 0.29 kg of CO2
1 kWh produced by the combination of all sources of renewable energy emits 0.04 kg of CO2

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