Best Book to Learn Dreamweaver CS5

by Diego

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Which could be the best source to learn Dreamweaver CS5? The company that makes the software is the best answer.

With that in mind the people from Adobe publish Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Classroom in a Book.

If you are thinking what this have to do with photography, the answer is simple. We as photographers need to sell our work, and these days a webpage is one of the best methods to do it, and Dreamweaver is the best software you can fond to make a simple yet professional webpage.

Let’s see what customers of the book have to say:

“I think this is a great book for beginner using Dreamweaver. It’s doesn’t go into much detail on certain topics like CSS but it will get your feet wet. Chapters are short and to the point, if you don’t have much time to spend and you’re new in using this product, I think is a good place to start. The book is full of Color pictures and step by step instruction; it has really helped me using this application.” – Micael Montesdeoca

“A top pick is an official training workbook from Adobe Systems, DREAMWEAVER CS5 CLASSROOM IN A BOOK. It offers a complete course on Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, offering 17 lessons covering all the basics of the program. Owners of Dreamweaver CS5 will find this packed with tutorials.” – Midwest Book

“This CS5 version has been completely re-written. I will actually use this book when I teach my Dreamweaver classes from now on. I’m an Adobe Certified Instructor. The lessons in this book cover all the basics beginners need to know. It covers lots of basic questions about HTML and CSS. There are better books out there for intermediate users, but for someone just getting started with no clue about HTML, CSS and Dreamweaver, I highly recommend this book.” – Melissa Piccone

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